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322,895 (2000 Census) vs. 282,937 (1990 Census) for % change of +14.1%

· Census Bureau: Economic Census (1997)
· FedStats: County and State Data (2000)
· Michigan Census 2000 (2000)
· Statistical Abstract: General Profile (1998)
· Zip Codes vs. Census Data (1990)


76% White, 12% African American, 6% Asian, 3% Hispanic or Latino, 3% Other

· Census Bureau: Racial Data (2000)


(Persons 25 years and over)
87% high school graduate or higher
42% bachelor's degree or higher
21% graduate degree

· Census Bureau: Social Characteristics (1990)


$36,307 median household income
$47,308 median family income

· Census Bureau: Income and Poverty Status (1990)


Education, healthcare and automobiles are very important economic segments in Washtenaw County. Major employers include:

· General Motors
· Google, Ann Arbor
· Saint Joseph Mercy Health System
· University of Michigan
· University of Michigan Health System


Recent studies show Washtenaw as the county with the 5th highest average millage rate in the state

· Average Millage Rate By County (1998)


(Center of county)
Latitude 42.2532 degrees north of the equator (almost halfway between the equator and the north pole); and
Longitude 83.8415 degrees west of the Greenwich meridian (almost halfway between the prime meridian in England and the international date line in the Pacific Ocean)

· Census Bureau: Tiger Map
· Census Bureau: Reference Map


710 square miles (approx. 30 miles E-W x 24 miles N-S)

Pop Density:

454.8 people per square mile (2000 census)

Area Code:

734 for almost all of county
248 for northeast corner
517 for a few points at southern and western boundaries

· Michigan Area Code Map

Zip Code:

All zip codes normally associated with the county begin with 481xx, although a few areas on the southern and western borders are included in zip codes from neighboring counties that begin with 492xx.

· Postal Service: City/State/ZIP Code Associations
· Postal Service: ZIP+4 Code Look-up
· Zip Codes vs. Census Data (1990)

Time Zone:

U.S. Eastern Standard Time (Greenwich Mean Time minus 5 hours);
U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (GMT minus 4 hours, from first Sunday in April through last Sunday in October)

· Naval Observatory: World Time Zone Map


  • Established in the territory of Michigan in 1827 from portions of Wayne and Oakland counties. It originally also contained land that is now in Eaton, Jackson, and Livingston counties.
  • The county seat has been located in Ann Arbor since the establishment of the county.
  • The name is believed to have been derived from the Indian word "Wash-ten-ong", which described the major river in the area, the Huron River.
  • The county is now best known as a major research and teaching center, home to both the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.

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    U.S.S. Washtenaw Co.:

    An LST ("landing ship, tank") named for the county served in the U.S. Navy from 1960 to 1973, primarily in Vietnam. Following the war, it travelled around the world for many years prior to reaching its current home port in Oregon.

    · U.S.S. Washtenaw County, LST-1166/MSS-2

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